I want to say thanks for letting me have a chance at helping out with the club. 

I did a quick tour of the range on Saturday May 19th, and there is a lot to do before the Independance Day shoot this year. I will be out at the outdoor range working on different projects, you are all invited to come out and lend a hand. Tuesday May 29 @ 1pm until 6pm, and possibly Wednesday and Thursday of this week, I will be out working on clearing shooting lanes, making notes about other needed repairs/ improvements. Due to my current weekend-graveyard schedule, weekend work parties will unfortunately be at a minimum. After Tuesday I will try to get a detailed list of needed work if anyone is feeling energetic on the weekends.

Chores I will befocusing on this week:

1: Replacing existing tripping hazard of a fire ring with new ring Donated by Peak Oilfield Services

2: Clearing Shooting Lanes of Down and Dangeroulsy Leaning Trees. A few members have expressed interest in collecting wood, please contact me if you are interested. 

3: Making Note of which Bag targets need Replaced/ Restuffed

4:Make note of  bow racks and Stands in need of Replace, Repair, Repaint. not sure if there is a supply of paint stored somewhere for this purpose, if anyone can help me with the standard protocol for that I would appreciate it.

5: There has been expressed interest in putting some kind of backstop behind the target bags on the course, such as logs or carpet. Since I am new to the club, I am interested to hear if there is a reason this hasn't been addressed previously, and is there more than a passing interest in making it happen now?

I also would like to extend my families sympathies to Kim Carrol and her family for the passing of John Perkovich. His absence in the community will be felt more that words can express.

As this is Memorial Weekend, I will bow my head for those we have lost, and say Thank You to all veterans serving our country past and present.

    Thanks Joseph Freeman,

    Newly Appointed Range Officer

    Call or Text: 740-0901

KPA Range Officer's Notes: