Welcome to the Kenai Peninsula Archers Club. We thank you for your interest and membership in the club. As a new member, there are some items/information that will assist you as a member. The following information is provided, based upon frequently asked questions posed by previous new members.

1. Your membership dues are paid on a year starting on July 1st of each year, and ending on June 30th of the following year.

With your paid membership dues you are entitled to unlimited use of the outdoor range. The outdoor range is located on North Arc Loop Road (just past the Borough Landfill as you head toward Homer from Soldotna.) This range is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year to members. It is a very nice range, so please use it. New club members are entitled to a free 3-D shoot as part of their membership. The KPA (club) hosts numerous 3-D shoots each year, and members pay ½ of the entry fees after their free shoot. This money is used to repair, fix, and replace 3-D targets – which are very expensive. (A full size 3-D Moose target costs $1,800.00 plus shipping.) Your membership also provides access to the winter indoor range at no cost. The indoor range is located at the Kenai First Baptist Church in Kenai – which is the first building on the left after you pass the Moose Lodge going toward Nikiski. The church allows us to use their building for no charge, so we respectfully ask for donations to help them with heat and lighting costs. There is a can on the table by the front door to make your donations – which are strictly voluntary. Overall, our club dues are a great value.

2. Every member receives a membership card. On the back of your membership card is the combination to the gate at the outdoor range, and the Presidents phone number for questions or concerns. We very much value your input, as this is your club.

3. Safety is ALWAYS the first priority. When you shoot on any of the ranges, you need to be aware of what is next to you, beyond you and your target, and near the target. When in doubt, do not shoot until you can assure safety. If you arrive at the outdoor range and the “Range Closed” sign is up on the practice field, it means that people are using the entire range, including bag lanes. These people may suddenly appear behind the practice bags, so be extra careful. When shooting at the indoor range, do not nock an arrow until the “clear” signal is given. When finished shooting, remain on, or behind, the shooting line until the next “clear” is given. It is now safe to proceed to retrieve your arrows from the targets. If you are a release shooter, and new to the release, keep your fingers behind the release trigger until you master the release. If at any time you are unsure as to what is expected, please let the range officer(s) know so that we can maintain safety. Occasionally, we will notice something that may pose a hazard to you, or others, and will point the concern out. Please accept this as a concern for your safety. Your attention to safety is greatly appreciated.

4. ABSOLUTELY NO BROADHEADS ARE ALLOWED ON ANY OF OUR RANGES. This is a very strict component of our club insurance policy. Please do not “bend” the rules and use broadheads.

5. You are allowed to bring guests to the range. We would hope that guests would become members if they want protracted use of the range, as the maintenance of the targets, bags and facilities is supported by the full membership. Please encourage your archery friends to come to the range – and hopefully join up.

6. The club host a Independence Day Shoot held near the 4th of July each year. We usually get over 100 visiting archers from all across Alaska. This is a fun event, but has entry fees over and above club fees/dues. The fees are minimal, and the people you meet more than make up for the costs. Besides, our members usually win several classes in the shoot. We need members to help out with preparations, and logistics related to hosting this event. We need members to help out with work parties, food preparation, clean-up, and as guides to shooting groups.

7. After you get settled into the club, you may want to consider joining the National Field Archery Association (NFAA.) When you join the NFAA, you also join the ASAA. We need some members in these associations in order to get a break on our insurance, which saves the club at least 50% on comparable insurance. Members in these organizations pay reduced fees at their tournaments/shoots. (Such as the Independence Day Shoot.)

8. The club has several instructors. If you need help with your equipment, shooting form, or want tutoring, please use your club instructors as a resource. We teach all aspects of archery to the full family. We have classes for beginning, youth, teens, and adults. We particularly want to encourage more women and youths to get involved in the sport.

9. Each year the club offers a few classes to teach an aspect of archery. Classes offered in the past included: arrow building, string building, basic and advanced bow tuning, and purchasing of new equipment. If you have ideas for classes, please let the President know.

We do not want this club to appear “clickish” in any manner. The Officers will usually start each session/event with introductions. If they do not, remind them. Also do not be afraid to introduce yourself to every person you meet. We want you to be a part of our “FAMILY” because we have a friendly family for you to be a part of.

Never allow a question to go unanswered. If a question arises, call the Sec/Tres Jacqueline Humphrey at 907-398-2019, or email her at @ This is your club. Be active and get involved, as we can use all the help we can get.

Again, Welcome to the Kenai Peninsula Archers. We hope you become the best Archer you can be.

Good Shooting.

Ron Holman, President KPA