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Annual Meeting Minutes

Kenai Peninsula Archers

May 7, 2017


The 2017 Annual Meeting of the Kenai Peninsula Archers was called to order at 2:07 PM on May 7, 2016 by President Ron Homan.

The following Board of Directors from the KPA were present: President Ron Homan; Vice President Robert Mikunda; Secretary/Treasurer Len Malmquist; and Gaming Officer Steve Latz.  Assistant Gaming Officer Kim Perkovich was excused, and Range Officer Shane Zimmerman was absent.

The following members were present for the meeting: Jackie Blom and her family; Dave Hopkins; Dan Starbuck; Mary Homan; Judy Mikunda; Aaron Humpfrey; Hugh Garske; Shannon Bentley; and William Laughing-Bear.

There were no additions to the published agenda from the members present.

Treasurers Report by Len Malmquist.  Len passed out a written report that showed: a Beginning Fund Balance of $7,176.70; income/revenue of $4,039.06; expenses/debits of $8,366.74; and an Ending Fund Balance of $2,366.74 as of 4/30/2017.  All bills have been paid as of 5/1/2017.  There were no questions regarding the Treasurers Report and it was accepted as submitted.

Gaming Report by Steve Latz.  Steve passed out a written report that showed: current gaming balance is $163.72; $512.94 revenue from 7/4 shoot; expenses of $20.00 for gaming permit; $300.00 to First Baptist Church for lighting up-grades; $205.80 for indoor targets; $185.50 for website expenses; and $501.64 for club insurance.  Steve also reported that he needed the following help for the KPA sponsored 7/4 shoot: cash box banker; 2 registration helpers; and fun shoot help.  Sharon Hopkins; Kim Perkovich; Jackie Blom; and Steve will fill these positions.

Old Business:  The 3-D targets approved for the 7//4 have been purchased (Buffalo, White Wolf, Bedded Whitetail deer, and large standing Mule deer); all indoor targets were purchased; Bags for the outdoor range were purchased and are in the Quanson Hut; range and club supplies were purchased as needed (see Treasurers Report) and signage for the outdoor range was purchased and installed.

New Business:

     1     KPA will be the sole host of the July 4th shoot this year.  This was a result of a meeting with the ASAA who could not accommodate our requests for co-hosting the shoot due to conflicts with their by-laws.

     2     Range set up for the 7/4 shoot will be June 30th at 4 PM.  The more people we have on the set-up, the less time to do the work.  If you would like to help-out, call President Homan at 283-1967 and mark your calendars now.

     3     The President and Range Officer will be setting up one or more dates for Range and lane checks and fixes.

     4     The President will be setting up a July 4th Shoot committee that will cover fun shoots; range clean-up; registration team; food purchase and food preparation.

     5     Registration for the 7/4 shoot will open at 7:45 AM each day, and the shoot will start on or about 9:00 AM.  We will be considering the possibility of time to pre-shoot so that 1 day participants can qualify for awards. The members also agreed to have fun shoots and split the pot.

     6     Shane wanted to do a raffle, but was not present to give details.  President Homan will get with him and finalize what we need to do based upon comments at this meeting.

     7     Northern Simulators, a vendor in the Peninsula Mall, has requested to have a booth.  The members approved their request.  President Homan will notify them.

     8     We need to add more NO TRESPASSING signs to the range.  Arch Loop road is OK, but signs on the Sterling Highway need to be properly spaced and added as necessary.

     9     Secretary Malmquist outlined our normal expenditure for a year, and requested membership approval to make the purchases as needed.  The members approved this request without exception.


Election of Officers:  The following Board of Directors Positions were open for election this year: President, Gaming Officer and Secretary Treasurer.  Only one person was nominated for each position.  President Homan asked the members present if anyone desired to run for any of the positions.  There were no additional nominations from the floor.  Secretary Malmquist made a motion for unanimous consent for the three positions.  The vote was unanimous.  The President for the next 2 years will be Ron Homan, the Secretary/Treasurer for the next 2 years will be Jacqueline Blom, who will be trained by Len until she is comfortable in the position; and the Gaming Officer will be Steve Latz.  With the election of new officers, we will need to up-date all signature cards at the banks.

Good of the Order:

Steve Latz reported that one of the founding members of the Kenai Peninsula Archers had just passed away.  His name is Gary Cason, and he ran the Archery Shop on K-Beach Road.  After some discussion, the members decided to send a small flower arrangement and a card to the services.  Jackie will get the information to Len to get this accomplished.

There were NO membership recommendations to the KPA board, so the meeting was adjourned at 3:13 PM.


Respectfully submitted, |
Len Malmquist, Secretary