KPA Responsibilities:

1.     Supply score cards

2.     Supply registration forms

3.     Supply membership applications

4.     Supply targets for outdoor shoots

5.     Supply awards

a.     Indoor Shoots; if shoots are held at multiple locations awards will be mailed out by the Club after paperwork is                           received from various locations and scores are tallied.  If shoots are held at one location medals, patches (NFAA sanctioned shoots only) will be made available for the hosting club/shop to award.

b.     Outdoor Shoots: Medals, patches (NFAA sanctioned shoots only) will be made available for the hosting club/shop to award.

6.     Make arrangements and pay for porta potties (outdoor shoots only).  If the club/shop is already established with                      a porta potty KPA will pay for cleaning after shoot.

7.     Pay for shoot location upon board approval of fees

8.     Mail out flyer to current ASAA members

9.     Establish dates for shoots

10.     Do shoot accounting; pay club/host ½ of registration fees.  Pay club/host $.35 per target for indoor shoots   allowing 4 targets per shooter.

11.     Make arrangement for certificate of insurance if applicable

Club/Host Responsibilities:

1.     Set up shoot and take down shoot if applicable

2.     Registration

3.     Make arrangements for lunch if applicable

4.     Provide flyer for mailing (must be received 3 weeks in advance at a minimum)

a.     Flyer is to state:

i.      The shoot is an KPA sponsored shoot

ii.      The shoot is hosted by (club name)

iii.     Dates of shoot

iv.     Location of shoot

v.     Any other information that may be applicable

vi.     Contact person name and phone number

5.     Distribute flyers to local clubs, business etc.

6.     Provide targets for indoor shoots

7.     Make arrangements for shoot location

8.     The Host will provide KPA with information required for certificate of insurance if applicable (Owners name, address, fax number, any other information that may be required by owner)

9.     Upon shoot completion turn over all funds to KPA Secretary/Treasurer for required accounting

a.     Be sure to count the funds you will be turning over to KPA so if there is a discrepancy you will know what you gave to KPA Secretary/Treasurer.

10.     Distribute awards upon shoot completion if applicable

11.     Provide KPA with white score cards for score tally

12.     Take a picture of score board so scores can be compared with cards, or hand write what has been written on the score board (outdoor only)

13.     Erase score board after item #11 is complete (outdoor only)

14.     Return all unused items to KPA