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KPA Members as of 1/12/19 =76


Do not forget folks, we are having a special general membership meeting on Wednesday - February 6th at the indoor range. I will email you another reminder closer to the meeting date with a definite time. This meeting is to ratify changes to be made to our constitution and bylaws. This has not been done since 2011. Come and be a part of shaping your clubs future!


KPA 2019 Indoor Shoot schedule.

Wednesday Evening shoot at the Kenai First Baptist church bus barn (in the back)

Every Wednesday from October 31, 2018 to about May 30, 2019

Start time is 6-8 PM

The first Wednesday for the month will be a 3D shoot.

The cost is $5.00 a member and $10.00 for a Non-member

The second Wednesday will be an archery game

The cost of participation is $1.00. Get a Group together!

The third Wednesday will be a 3D shoot as well.

This cost is $5.00 for member and $10.00 for Non-members

The fourth Wednesday is a scoring shoot. This will follow the NAFF rules.

If there is a fifth Wednesday in the month this will be open shoot night.

For those who are not members we hope to see you, and hope you become one. For those who are members thank for being one, and we hope to see you winter.

A single membership for a year is $25. For a family membership the cost is only $50. This is the cheapest form of entertainment out there folks! If you break down the annual dues, an individual membership is about $2 a MONTH, and a family one about $4 a MONTH!

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